Rwanda Gorillas are a highly endangered species.

Rwanda is a young country with a checkered past. Though in the recent past, much of it is glorious and beyond belief. Situated in between the great safari destinations of Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park and Tanzania’s Serengeti Nairobi Park, Rwanda offers guests some of the best primate tracking on the planet – tucked deep in the backdrop of its endless green hills and soaring mountainsides. With over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, it’s no surprise that the majority of guests visit Rwanda to track and view this highly endangered species.

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4x4-Kenya unforgetable offroad trips to Rwanda National parks
4x4-Kenya African road trip adventure in Rwanda
4x4-Kenya African road trip adventure in Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla 4×4 Self drives

Do you want to self drive to Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking in Africa? Our self drive 4×4 landcruisers and landrovers can take you there. Rwanda is the ultimate destination for gorilla trekking & wildlife safaris in East Africa. Travel to Rwanda, drive through the land of a thousand hills that is characterized by rugged landscapes, vast wilderness areas, and plains filled with wildlife offering you the opportunity to see the legendary “Big Five”,! A Rwanda self drive fills the senses and assures you of a memorable African safari of great diversity. Book with us your holiday and enjoy a combined gorilla tour to Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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4x4-Kenya Rwanda Landcruiser safari adventure from Nairobi to Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park

Top national parks in RwandaThe Volcanoes National Park is found in the northwestern part of the country. It borders National Parks in Uganda and Virunga National park in Congo. The park covers an area of 160 square kilometers and was established in 1925 to protect the mountain gorillas. The volcanoes national park sits on a higher altitude and is generally colder compared to Rwanda’s other national parks. It consists of 5 volcanoes/mountains (Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Sabinyo and Gahinga), bamboo forests, rainforests, a few lakes, marshes and the musanze caves. The Volcanoes national Park has the second highest population of mountain gorillas after Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest. The park is also home to golden monkeys and mammals like forest elephants, spotted hyenas, bushbucks, buffaloes, smaller primates and 178 species of birds.

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Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is the largest and only Savannah park in Rwanda. It was established near the border with Tanzania in 1934 as the second national park in Rwanda. The park covers an area of 1,222 Places to visit in Rwandasquare kilometers and consists of Savannah, woodlands, montane forests and vast swamps. Akagera is blessed with water bodies but the most prominent are river Kagera, Lake Shakani and lake Ihema. Akagera national park lost most of its animal population after the Rwanda genocide in 1994. Thousands of former refugees stormed the park and opened up farms while at the same time poisoning all the 300 hundred lions in the park then. Animal loss did not begin in 1994 though. Akagera once had one of the highest population of wild dogs in East Africa The colonial authorities found them a nuisance and killed most of them.

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Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest is one of the top birding destinations in Rwanda with 275 species recorded. The dense forest is also home to 85 species of mammal, 120 of butterflies, 38 of reptiles and 32 of amphibians. Rwanda National ParksGolden cats, Leopards, serval cats, Mongooses, civets and stripped jackals all call this park home. Nyungwe forest has an elaborate network of well-built canopy walks which allow tourists marvel at the forest and its creatures from a bird’s view. The Congo Nile trail passes through this forest enabling bikers to observe forest, birds, primates, waterfalls, wildlife or even go for the popular canopy walk. Apart from the Congo Nile trail route, the forest has over 20 kilometers of well-maintained ground trails for nature walks and a chance to encounter the forest creatures, waterfalls, marshlands and rain-forest. Read more about Nyungwe National Park here. If you are planning to visit the park in the near future, check out our 3 days Nyungwe Chimpanzee safari package.