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We offer customised services all around east africa when you rent a car with us in kenya. We all along preach reliability in what we offer and have an obligation of ensuring a guaranteed peace of mind as you explore east africa. We have a culture of listening to our clients needs. we take note of every expectation from the clients and walk with them in ensuring their satisfaction. We simply provide reliable 4X4 car hire in kenya full of undesputed service.


Visititing our unique and sensational national park locations in Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda self driving 4x4 car without cross border fees from 4x4-Kenya beats all levels of adventure.

The thrills of waking up in your own private camp, encountering nature's habitat by your own; discovering secluded locations in the heart of the African Bush.

The best 4x4 car option for self drive safaris in East and Central Africa is the Landrover Defender / Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Hilux Dual Cab. These cars have great track record and are the most capable and enduring 4x4 in the world.Please we do not recommend mitsubishi pajero for offroad safari as pajero is a city 4x4 car.


  4x4 car rent with top roof tent and camping equipments

Our reliable car hire in kenya rates structure are very competitive,with a fleet of clean new rental cars they varry from run-around to luxury .Nothing beats visiting our unique National Parks or simply exploring Nairobi city driving a rental vehicle from 4x4 Kenya. Rent a car in kenya with us and ascend to the capital city of Nairobi, we are also able to help with car hire requirements in the rest of Kenya. Speak to us regarding special requests such as free mobile phone services at 4x4 Kenya car hire kenya. We will satisfy all your car hire needs in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. Our service goes beyond just car rental.

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